July 1, 2003

Sisuk Joe in spain: Day one

Sisuk Joe came to Spain to visit. He's been travelling around Europe on his own and now is on his way to portugal to meet up with some friends.

Today Sara and I went to meet up with him and two friends of his and we had a great time. We showed them around the royal palace and the Debod Temple, and we ended up in the "El Lagar" Bar showing them the cultural tradition of getting stuffed with free food :D

After that we went to a Winery terraza to have a glass of a really expensive (6 euros) and really nice red wine and after that we went out to show them a bit of the night life in Madrid. Although it was a monday so there weren't so many people around it was nice.

Sisuk Felicia was supposed to be coming too, but unfortunately she couldn't make it due to a train strike in France.

To see more photos of today go to the joe_in_spain gallery in the photos section.

Tomorrow we'll get together around two and after getting some lunch we'll get to some nice kung fu working out and some swimming pool afterwards.

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